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Velvet Obsidian Sterling Silver Pendant

Velvet Obsidian Sterling Silver Pendant

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Absolutely stunning natural obsidian wire wrapped in sterling silver. This stone is very rare. It was very hard for me to come across. Many call this stone by different names. Velvet Obsidian, Peacock Obsidian, Satin Obsidian, but its true name is “Manto Huichol”. This piece is polished to the max and is round in shape. The weaving is intricate with a designed style of simplicity. The 3 beads added are tibetan agates. When you look at this stone, and move it around at different angles, it is so unexplainably beautiful. Imagine flames of color that move like silk, shine, and smoke. This stone just amazes me! On the surface you can see shades of blue, dark purple and gray moving like a flowing river. Velvet Obsidian is a natural Obsidian that was mined out of Mexico. Many individuals love using crystals for healing and metaphysical purposes. It is all what you intend. This would be a great gift for friends and loved ones. The pictures do not do this piece justice.

17.3 Grams

2.5” Tall
1.25” Wide
.25” Thick

I price my wire weaved pendants based on the weight of the stone, by price per gram, and how long it took me to wire wrap each stone, as well as the price on the potency and quality of my minerals, and the amount of materials it took.
I find my research from The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals, A very deeply informational detailed book.

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