About Bailey - The Heart and Soul of Wire Weaved Uniques

Bailey started out by opening her business on Etsy in 2017. She got her first business license in 2021. From 2019-2024 she worked with in a family owned rock shop in Sedona, Arizona. This is where she absorbed lots of information about gems and minerals and the experience of running a store. Bailey is constantly growing and thriving full time in her craft and skills. She reads about the stones she is making into jewelry to get to know them better and expand her knowledge. She is going on 8 years of experience in wire wrapping, and gaining information, and continues to surprise herself.

When Bailey received her first geode crystal back in 2013, she could not help but see the beauty in it. Bailey decided to turn nature into wearable, and functional art. She is a naturally creative person. Bailey is constantly coming up with new ideas. She loves wire wrapping natural stones. She has found that she great enjoys making special pieces. Pieces that have meaning. Bailey has fulfilled many custom jewelry requests for customers that had a special stone that they wanted wrapped as gifts, or keepsakes that hold cherished memories. If you decide you want something custom made by Bailey, you can reach out and contact her at wireweaveduniques@yahoo.com. You can also reach out by filling out the form below.

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