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Tektite, COLOMBIANITE, Tektite Stone, B Grade, 6.3 Grams

Tektite, COLOMBIANITE, Tektite Stone, B Grade, 6.3 Grams

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Colombianite is a lavender gray tektite found in Colombia and Peru. Although very similar to Saffordite, also known as Cintamani, its effects are somewhat milder but it still has one of the highest vibratory rates of any mineral or tektite, second only to Cintamani.

You will receive the exact stone in the pictures above!
If you are drawn to this beautiful, and unique raw tektite stone, this piece is what you will get sent home to you!

Many individuals love using crystals, and stones for metaphysical crystal healing!
Your intentions matter! What you intend it what you will receive. Use your imagination.

6.3 Grams ($9 Per Gram) B Grade Quality

Dimensions: Approximately
1.5" Tall
1" Wide
1" Thick

Shipping is absolutely free, and I insure Everything.
I ship Daily except for Sundays and Holidays<3

I price my mineral specimens by weight, where they came from, and quality. I use my at home scale to determine honest shipping calculations to build into the listing price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I am always happy to help.

Thank you for looking!

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